Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm too cool by Fred

I believe the word is Uber Cool.  I don't know what an Uber is but that is okay as long as I am cool.

She came up to the catch pen with that lead rope and I knew it was my ticket to some fresh grass.
I used to be impossible to catch, but Val's got this way about her.  She always has something interesting to offer when she has that lead rope.

Sometimes it is just a walk to a place with nice grass, sometimes there is some brushing stuff going on with a bite of sweet feed.
Sometimes it is to get my feet trimmed and a haircut.

Her rides are never unpleasant either.  I mean she is never hard on me or difficult to get along with.  
I like that in a human.  I like them to be trained just right, and boy it has taken me about 17 years to get this woman trained just right.

I can almost always count on her to find me some wonderful green grass to munch on.  Today she had a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwhich.  I turned my nose up at it though, was not green enough for me.

The forest trees are dumping their leaves like crazy.  They kept falling and hitting me on my ears.  They didn't bother Val, she wears a helmet.

We really surprised some deer.  That was fun to watch Val startle.  IF she had been watching ME closely, she'd have known.  After all my ears pointed them right out to her.

Then we found a real piece of work in the woods.  I wonder sometimes who really builds these little houses?
Don't they want a roof over their heads?  And what is with leaving the furniture out.
They must have been very little people.

Val explained that it was an old deer blind.
Yup, that explains a lot.  Old.  Blind.  Deer?
I'm confused.

Anyway when I got back I told Opal and Siera all about my adventure.  Opal knew all about the Blind Deer thing.
Opal was also mad that she didn't get to go.
She promised to be first to the gate next time.

Siera nudged Opal and said SHE wanted to go.
I'm gonna keep my eye out on Val.
I may surprise them all and make it first to the gate, I gallop when I think she is coming!

Val said something about riding every day this weekend if she could.
That means I really got to keep an eye on her.  I should be her favorite MULE.  But she does take kindly to Grumpy ol' Opal, and Silly Siera.


The Dancing Donkey said...

It does take a whole lot of work to get those riders trained properly. You are clearly doing a fine job of it Fred.

Older and wiser said...

Fred, you are one cool dude. Keep up the good work. You'll be the "favorite mule" one day!