Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I am having riding withdrawals!

Seems I haven't ridden in days.  
But that could be do to my demanding schedule.
12 hour overnight shifts, day shift, night shift...all make for a weird sleep schedule.

I however did get out early the other morning with my cameras, one Nikon and one point and shoot for an awesome foggy morning sunrise.

I didn't realize how chilled I was while awaiting just the right light to get the 'right' shot.
Of course there is no such thing.
It is pure luck, either the sunrise combined with humidity and temperature make the right conditions ... or not.

In this case it seemed to have done perfectly for my purposes.

After the sun peaked over the ridge, I moved to another area to watch it rise again.
Seriously, in hill country you can do that!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered frost on the soybeans!

This last photo was taken with my point and shoot FujiFinePix camera.  I posted it to Flickr and imagine my surprise when this morning I looked at my Flickr Account and realized that I'd had 49 thousand hits on this photo.

I think this just proves that you absolutely do not need the most expensive camera in the world to take a fine photo.

It helps to have good equipment.  But this was not what I considered my best camera.  It is my haul around the woods, climbing rocks camera.

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