Saturday, January 05, 2013

Life about the farm...

Morning begins with coffee in the cozy red cottage.  We sit in the kitchen eating area on the right of this photo and watch the animals in their winter pasture.

Then it is time to do our chores which include feeding the hounds, the different pastures, and watering the stock tanks.

Here the girls sit and wait there turn for a drink as the get fresh water.  Thank goodness for tank heaters!

Next stop to check on the donkeys who are hanging out and discussing the day's activities.

They seem to be doing fine, just looking around for some sunshine to break through so they can line up and soak up the sunlight.
Meanwhile in the 'Jenny Craig Pen' Opal, Fred, and Dyna hunt for hay chaff before they get their morning flakes of hay.  
In this pen we can closely monitor their weight and daily condition.  

Dyna needs a bit of a diet and the other two are aged mules so I like to keep them close and keep an eye on them!
Later in the afternoon I hike down to my favorite spot in the creek bottom and snap a shot with the pink 'Fugly' camera.  

It is a pocket camera that refuses to die.  Even when I dropped it in these waters last year.  Though you can see by the creek shot, that if handled properly and with a bit of thought, the camera will take excellent shots.

This is one of the cameras I take when riding a mule.  It will shoot video and pretty decent shots.

When I come back from the creek I see the most amazing clouds!
In fact all the photos in this post were done with the pink 'Fugly' camera.  Yes I edited them for artistic fun.

Today is another day.  I am looking forward to seeing what is out there.  
The temperatures are supposed to get to 31 degrees!  That is -.5 degrees Celcius 
for my friends abroad.


The Three Muleteers said...

Sounds like the perfect day, thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures of your animals and home. Stay warm!

gtyyup said...

I just love your little red house! Looks warm and inviting. The fugly pink camera does a pretty good job, but then you are the edit queen ;~)