Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oh I wanna go back to ... Hawaii

The NOAA is saying that we are going to get down right frigid in the next few days.  Monday they are predicting something like -2 for the high.  That is -29 C to my friends abroad.

That doesn't not include the sustained NW winds at 30+ mph with gusts as high as 50?  Chill!

I really have started thinking about visiting there again.  I have never had a bad moment on any of my trips, other than putting up with the traveling part. 

While visiting with my mom last month we were talking about Hawaii and how fun it was when we had gone as a family. 

Mom indicated in a certain round about way when I'd told her I'd found Zander's son in the phone book and the marina we used to go to had been relocated...she said.  'You know?  I would absolutely love to go Deep Sea Fishing once more.'  

 [Photo circa 1973 ?  I am on the far left, my brother in the middle and mom on the right.]

She got this funny and heartwarming expression on her face.  
I indicated that we could dream about it and maybe even plan on that if all the 'cards' fell into the place in the future.

We changed the subject and went on to discussing other things, but I saw this far away look everyone once in a while.  
She'd glance up at certain photos on her living room wall and then back at me.

So can you blame me for thinking about it?
I also have a dream of getting back to Hawaii and just spending hours exploring some of the remote beaches that have to be hiked to with my camera. 
I want to see Pololu Valley again and watch the sun come up from the east side of the island.  Then watch it set on the west.

Winter is great for creating dreams, right?
Wow, it sounds like I'm making plans for more than one trip!

Meanwhile, on my list are places like Australia and perhaps New Zealand.  Don't know if I'll ever make it.  I thought also about a trip to Belize.  

Let the winds blow, I'll dream about cool places to visit some day!


  1. Day dreaming of beautiful places to go to sounds like a great way of passing the time when it's so cold, can't believe it's -29 C in our terms!!! Stay warm and carry on dreaming :-)

  2. We are supposed to have winds up to 51 mph between 1 and 4 this morning, and then starting Monday our temperature is going to take a big drop. Yes, Hawaii sounds great! Love the post are very adventurous.

  3. I love your stories, Louie, and Hawaii sounds like heaven right about now.