Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Of rocks, moss, ice, and running waters

I spent over 2 hrs out climbing icy and mossy rocks [with snow shoes on], wading and jumping over rushing water...getting sprayed by splash-over, and getting dripped on by wet soggy branches and berry briers.

And I was in heaven.

There is nothing like the rushing of water [even if it is run off that has brown in it from the soil above and the reddish colored iron-clay] when it occurs in the dry gullies.

It bounces over the mossy rocks with huge intensity roaring at times.  Today was not a 'roarer' but it was quite loud and I could still cross in places without getting too wet.

I peered down the valley and saw the water was wall to wall, running over ice.  I looked at my watch and sighed.

I'd promised to be good and not 'stay out too long', as hubby wanted noon 'dinner'.  I could have been drawn by the swan song of the creek's rushing waters.

I stuck to the gullies, climbing, ... rerouting, using the ice picks in the shoes to grip in otherwise dangerous footing.

I was sad to turn away from the creek. 
My husband thinks that I get 'geeked' out by sucky weather.
That is because I find such beauty in it.

Today I got 3 or 4 shots that are print worthy. 
It was a good day.
[8 second exposure ~ using a X4 ND filter]
I am sleepy and dreaming about an ice/sleet/snow storm headed our way.  


  1. Fabulous pictures, the different seasons are such great inspiration.

  2. Very pretty indeed! Even though the "water fall" behind my barn was an inconvenience, I loved the sound, enjoyed walking through the pools of water and climbing on the rocks to get better shots. It has a draw to it I guess...mentally and physically.