Sunday, January 20, 2013

What a Great Day!

Saturday was warm.  It wasn't until about 4pm that the screeching, howling, train wreck winds came sliding through.
And then it was not fit for man, beast, or tree outside.  Things hit the house all night.  Nothing major but branches.  Everything was fine this morning.  Whew.
But yesterday.
The dogs and I decided [see?  we are a pack!] that we were going for a nice long hike, to wander around in the forest and see what the warm air had done to the ice flow that wasn't too far from home.

In places the creek was still frozen on the top.  The ice was thick enough to lay on it with a camera and get some fun shots of Dixie.  This is not recommended if the ice is thin.

I sat down on a mossy rock and watched the dogs run, sniff, run, sniff, run some more, and then stop and look at me as if to ask:
Which Way Now?
I'd get up and walk a ways and then find another spot to stare down at the water running over the rocks or watch the deeper part of the creek where the trout were darting about.
Well the winds began to roar and the muddy dogs and I headed home.
It was very obvious that my partially white Jack Russell was no longer partly white.  

He was black with mud.  Dixie had flopped in the mud in the summer pasture and was dirty as ever.  I swear both dogs were grinning at me.
Bath time.
Morris first.  He is well experienced at baths and bears them as if they are something to be ashamed of.  But he is a good boy.
Dixie.  32+ lbs of Hound Dawg Puppy, wiggling, wagging, hound dog puppy.  I was worried about her bath.
I lifted her into the tub and then began to wash her.  She hung her head on the edge of the tub and stood quietly.  She let me shampoo, rinse, and do a conditioner on her ... wow, I was impressed!
Then I lifted her out of the tub and knelt to wrap her in a towel.  She literally melted into me and pushed me to the floor.
I sat with a big ol' puppy wrapped up in a huge towel on the floor. 
Dixie had decided that it was the best tail waggin' love-fest that she'd ever been too. 
She groaned in ecstasy as I rubbed her dry.
With the wind screeching outside, we settled in for the night.
What can I call it but an almost perfect day for me....


Lori Skoog said...

Obviously, the baths must have felt good to your sweet pups. CRAZY wind here yesterday and now plunging temperatures.

The Three Muleteers said...

Sounds like a fab day! Dixie is getting so big, great to see pics of her and Morris enjoying themselves :-)

Val said...

Thanks!!! She sure is getting bigger and more fun!

gtyyup said...

What fun!!! I envy your creek...but not the mud. How sweet of Dixie to love the bath. No jealousy from Morris?

Val said...

gtyyup, Morris will play with her but he would rather she not occupy the same room with her. So right now they are separated with a baby gate.