Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mandelbulb 3d with 360 Pano feature

I've upgraded to the newest version of Mandebulb 3d and found a fun feature called the 360 degree panoramic camera.  Normal camera has always been the option.

So I've been busy taking some of my older favorite parameters and working with them again.

Here is a color version of one:

Then the black and white version which I really like much better!

Looking into it is like looking into a Mind Cave or Thoughts Grabber.  
Interesting to note is that when I posted this on Flickr I had many comments. Each person that saw this had something quite different to say about what they saw.

That is when I know I have created something interesting.  When people can each see something different.

Same parameters here but conventional 'camera' settings.

This one I also changed to black and white because I think color would have been a distraction.

Then for a blast of color, I did this.  
I'm still working on what to add to it because I think there is so much more that can be going on.

If I do add, I'll post later.

Now off to a late night shift!  Or do you say morning shift?

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