Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do you like snow?

I do, but not to drive in ... I walked up to check the mail and could not see the road this afternoon.  
It was as though it had disappeared.
 See that itty bit speck in the middle of the driveway at the top?  That is my husband trying to clear the driveway.

It took about 20 minutes for it to blow back in after he finished [at the top].

I walked up there earlier and couldn't see any indication of the road that is there.  My neighbor down the way [a way I travel to get to black top] said that the Slack corner was filled in.

All the farm animals did as farm animals do, they ate and put their backs to the winds.  

Rest assured, not one animal is cold.  Warm water and plenty of feed guarantee that.

Not only that, they do not care to go inside during this weather, much nicer to have snow baths.

Well, so much for going anywhere.

The Dexter Cattle were happy to see their hay coming this morning.  This evening the winds had switched and you could feel the cold coming in...

I could barely see the woods at one point!  Now the winds are churning and night has fallen.
The high tomorrow is going to be all of 6 degrees.

No matter, I'll take the choring slowly...face mask and snow goggles on..., hubby has an appt in Madison, so I'll handle the home stuff.

Just before sunset I took Morris and Dixie out for a quick walk in the meadow.  I kept to the areas that were protected from the wind.

Morris was his happy self...snow swimming.

They didn't seem to mind at all.   

 Now it is time to rest and let Mother Nature do her thing.  Just before dark descended, there was a break in the clouds and I was able to see the lovely pastels of a winter sunset.


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  1. Wow amazing snow! You can see how wonderfully insulated the animals are with their thick coats, snow is so much nicer for them that rain. Morris looks like snow is another of life's joys :-)
    Stay safe and warm!