Friday, January 11, 2013

Dense Fog Advisory

Well they were not kidding.  It was supposed to lift by 12 noon.  But it didn't.  At one moment in the day we thought the fog turned sort of orange.  
It must have been the sun trying to break through.

The temps got into the 40's and we had about a 1/4" of rain last night which turned half the driveway into mud-slush and the other half into an ice skating rink.

That is until the town truck drove down and then backed up the hill spreading sand and salt.  

We drove to Richland Center, ... about 26 miles one way to see a man about a rifle.  Hubby and the gent talked hunting and whatnot.  
And...oh was it every foggy!

I went along for the ride because I had a secret agenda.  
I wanted to con hubby into having dinner with me...out!  Like someone waiting on us, someone else doing the dishes.

It worked.

Tonight the fog is supposed to lift.  Winds are due to come in swiftly and clear out the the grey...
tomorrow we can look foreward to dropping temps and a blustery day with winds gusting to 35 mph!

Oh what fun January is in WI!


  1. Barnee8:42 AM

    We get your weather a day later here in western NY. I enjoy your blog and the great photos!

  2. Nice pics! Don't know what's going on with the weather at the moment...
    Hope you enjoyed the dinner out - always tastes better when someone else washes up!

  3. That sure was foggy, Val. Great pictures, and I'm glad to hear you pulled a fast one on the hubby! "Dining" is a wonderful treat, isn't it?