Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Just Stuff today

Just some fun today.
Here is some photos from our below Zero romp yesterday.

Cute shot of the Day!  Dixie:
Morris on speed, look at the snow fly!
Dixie making snow fly!
A bit more 'dog' play!

Has Morris got a happy face or what???

And then we end on the flop eared black and tan coon hound!
Flapping Dixie ears!

There you have it.
A playful hour in the cold, shot by my Olympus E-420 in .RAW format and converted with Olympus Viewer 2.


Lori Skoog said...

I just caught up with all your posts. You are really good with that camera of yours. Can't believe the dogs can handle that cold weather on your walks...the shots are fabulous.
We spend Christmas day quietly too, and enjoy it. Christmas eve is much more active. Happy New Year!

gtyyup said...

Wonderful shots!! We've had sub-zero temps in the mornings too...and I tried to take a few shots yesterday and froze my lil' fingers!! We're up to a balmy 15, so I'm going to go try again.

Happy New Year!!

The Three Muleteers said...

Brilliant photos, Morris definitely look like he's smiling!