Friday, January 25, 2013

Stuff and Stuff...

My youngest son, has announced that he is getting married in June of this year.
It sounds like I'll have another grandchild come this August.

Oh yes, do the math.  But this is a different world that we live in, so I am told.  I know, I sound like a fuddy duddy and I probably am.
The wedding will take place on my ex husband's turf which is fine with me.

He sounds very excited about it and this makes me smile.

So it looks like I will be planning a small trip in June.  I'm not sure but I may end up helping out doing the photography or planning on doing the photography for the wedding.

I think that would be sort of cool.  

In other recent events I thought of changing my job, that didn't pan out as the job listed was a bit of a political hotbed here in my area.

I had a supervisor the other day try to talk me into applying for full time status.  I started to crunch the numbers and with having to pay back 50% of Social Security bennies on hubby and after a couple of tax deductions I would end up making about what I brought home this past year.

So it goes.
I've been getting the ache to travel again and started to think of places I'd like to go, other than Hawaii.  

I have a nice brother who lives in a beautiful area.  Maybe that will warrant a trip.

I've also thought of British Columbia, Canada, the Badlands, Arches National Monument, the Grand Canyon, and Australia.  Well, one can dream can't one?




gtyyup said...

...or SE Oregon...hint ;~)

Congrats on the wedding and grandchild. That would be nice if you were to do the photography. You'd do a great job!

The Three Muleteers said...

Congratulations! All great news :-)