Sunday, January 06, 2013

Dixie's first BIG Adventure by Morris

SHE put her coveralls on ... then put on her gunbelt.  I knew it was going to be Adventure Time!

SHE was going to the woods.  I really knew it when she put on the gun belt.  I started spinning and twirling, crying, and whining.  In fact Dixie began to bark in her very loud hound voice.

'Me Too!  Me Too!' she was crying.  'Don't leave me behind!'

Well, leaving her behind would be fine with me.  After all a puppy can be quite annoying.  Especially when the puppy is bigger than your are.  Her feet are monsterous!  I don't get how anyone could think those long floppy hound ears were cute, but there you are.  SHE thinks Dixie is cute.  And smart.

We all headed out the door together.  Dixie kept running up on me and trying to swat at me with those big paws of hers.  I took off down the ridge road as fast as I could, then stopped and switched direction.  Dixie did a header into the snow when she tried the same thing.

I grinned.  I was tons older than her but still had the speed and agility to out maneuver her!

We crossed the creek and went up up and up to the ridge top where SHE picks yellow raspberries.  We followed a deer trail through berry briers and prickly stuff.  I'm impressed, Dixie and I could duck most of the bad stuff and SHE had to kind of work her way through all that nasty sharp brush.  SHE did not complain!

By this time Dixie was slowing down.  Then we got on the snowmobile trail.  I wasn't happy about that, I know those machines can roar from nowhere.  But SHE assured us that the trails were closed.

Dixie investigated the signs.
 I don't think she knows what that sign meant.  I'm not sure either but I can follow the tracks easy enough.

We circled around and headed back into the valley and SHE took a short cut across the creek that was pretty steep.  I was impressed.  Dixie didn't even whine, but did take a long time investigating the water before she crossed it.
She did whine just a bit.  'Don't leave me Morris, don't!'  I stood and watched from the opposite bank, I said I wouldn't leave her.  I mean, come on, I am not mean, just an old dog who doesn't like to be used as a chew toy by young pups.

We walked along the creekside and under the old 'Yote Den.  I was nervous and kept stopping to look around.  I asked Dixie if she smelled anything, she does have a big wonderful smelling nose.
She took a whiff of the air, 'Nothing interesting.  Just water, grass, maybe a mouse and a rabbit.'  
'No Coyotes?' I asked.
She stared at me.  'What's a Coyote?'

I forgot she was still only about 10 or 11 weeks old.  Huh.

By now we had both slowed way down.  We'd been walking for a very long time.  SHE headed up the creek towards the trail that lead to home.
Dixie was in the lead now.
We found some cool ice flows, Dixie tried to climb it, but only slid back down.  SHE laughed and took pictures of course.
When we got home Dixie went and laid in her crate and immediately started to snore.

I went and laid on my chair and curled up on my blanket.

Before SHE and HE went to bed, SHE woke Dixie up from her sleep.  Dixie literally oozed out of her crate onto the kitchen floor.  It was like she had no legs or bones.

SHE petted and talked to her for a while to get her awake.  Apparently SHE thought it would be good to let the puppy go potty before everyone went to sleep.  Dixie was wobbly ~~ went out and immediately went back in her crate to curl up.

This morning Dixie was recovered from her first Big Adventure.
She wanted to know when we were going again.  
I told her to keep on eye on Val.  When those coveralls went on along with the gun and the camera...and a leash...that's when we would go on another adventure.

Dixie is watching HER with an eagle eye today.


  1. Dixie IS cute! But, yes, Morris, you are the wise one~

  2. Sounds like so much fun Morris, but exhausting having to keep an eye on two ladies, if anyone's up to the job you are :-)

  3. Morris should probably be nominated for sainthood. He writes a pretty mean blog, too1