Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunshine? In the Rain?

Believe it or not, we've always have Sunshine on our farm. I'm very happy to say that even though it is cold, damp, dreary, and pouring down rain, I have some Sunshine!

This is my little red mule called Sunshine, she is Badger's half sister out of my mare Cheyenne who is my first owned horse...and I still have the old grand lady.
She produced a little red molly mule that we fell in love with that had so much common sense [unlike her mom], and was just plain likable.

For the first three years of her life we worked with her. In her fourth year we started her under saddle and decided to sell her. No one wanted a 'little' red molly mule who was smart, smooth, and an easy keeper. Of course they all wanted very tall leggy wild mules.

Along came our first grand child. We took Sunshine off the market and decided to groom her as a kid's mule. We started riding her everywhere and suddenly people were nagging us to sell her to them...especially when they found out she was the 'future grandbaby' mule.

Well because of 'things' she's had a two year lay up and hasn't been under saddle for a while.
Yesterday she came off her muddy pasture and got stalled inside.

I began working with her again.
How funny, she has not forgotten a thing!

I cannot believe how much joy it brought to me to work with another mule.
She is smart as a whip and started catching on to new things I was teaching her.

One thing with a mule. If you are teaching them something and they do it correctly for you, do not ask them to keep repeating the same task. Move on to something else and you will have a happy co-operative mule!

I'll be going back out later ... and we will be working on reining and most important of all.
Standing Still.

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