Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter...

This was the easy way to color easter eggs...with my computer, no muss, no fuss.

As a kid I can remember that was the most exciting part of preparing for Easter was coloring the eggs. Drawing with a crayon before dipping them in color.
The smell of vinegar. The eggs we dropped in several colors...or mixed colors.

Hiding the baskets was even more fun. I think it was my brother who may have outfoxed us all the time he cut the top of the paper bag off we used in the trash. Then set the basket under the paper bag. [At least I think it was him]

Memories of my own kids experimenting in much the same way with colors. Hiding of the eggs...and keeping count so we could make sure we could find the eggs. I recall also the year that we hardboiled them and just left them as is. We had brown eggs, brown speckled eggs, pink, blue, pale green, and all colors...we had two pure white eggs. Our exotic chickens had provided beautiful colors that year.

On to the next generation. I don't know if my grandkids color eggs and then hide them. I forgot to ask. I really did always enjoy the hunt for hidden treasures.
I think my oldest son once commented [while we were gathering eggs in the hen house]...that each day was an egg hunt for him.
All in all.
Good memories.
Happy Easter.

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