Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last day at the old place

So here it is the last day of working at the place I've been at for 11 years. Yes it was time to make a change.
I'm 4 weeks away from completing college and I've finished my internship. New doors have opened for me and I gladly step through them to meet whatever the new challenges will be.
Am I happy and excited? You bet I am.
Am I sad to leave the old place? Not really, I've been preparing to leave there for 2 years. The job market is tight and I am a patient person!
Things happen for a reason, and I guess this is my time to move on.

I won't be going to a graduation ceremony, but will receive my diploma in the mail without much fanfare.
When the family gets together next time we can have some pie and ice cream to celebrate!

Well off to the last day!
I may update this after I am done today....

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