Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday snowing

I wake up this morning to such a surprise.
Snow flurries.
How surprising!
Actually in looking forward to the rest of this week it looks like March is finally going to take a hold on things and warm UP!
This is good news and bad news. A quick thaw and melt is going to cause some flooding to low laying areas. [not to worry, I'm not in a low laying area].
We still have at least 1 foot of snow that we are walking on top of. According to the weather service out of LaCrosse, we've had snow cover for over 100 consecutive days. I think we broke some records.
The joke around here is...where is the global warming when you really need it?

I'm bouncing into my third week of internship and have developed a good sense of what goes on at the clinic I'm at. I've worked in Medical Records...those girls want me to get the part time job there as I've proven to be an efficient and swift worker.
The coder I worked with surprised me immensely! She is very kind and open and gave me more help and information than the other women in her department. She's a smart young woman. My first impression of her was totally incorrect. She is full of humor and friendly. I learned a lot by working with her for half of Thursday.

Well back to coding class and school projects. I'm whipping through my last few weeks rather quickly. The instructors are letting us take our tests ahead of schedule which is nice because I can then take a break and have somewhat of a life!

I think after breakfast and chores, I'll get Morris to accompany me on a walk.
He needs the exercise.
I read a cute line in a book...I think it went like this---
When inquired why his dog did mostly nothing the man answered:
'My dog leads and intensely busy and demanding internal life, which demands long periods of rest'.

He must have been talking about Morris.

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