Thursday, March 20, 2008

In like a lamb...?

So who is the wiseguy that said if March came in like a lamb it would go out like a lion?
I'm not real pleased with the NWS right now as they have just updated tonight's storm to a Storm Warning! 6-10 inches of snow by noon tomorrow, on Good Friday?

Thunder Snow:
Anecdotal accounts often associate thundersnow with heavy snowfall, especially tight, intense bands of snow (you know, the ones that dump a foot on your lawn but leave your boss's house untouched, so he expects you to show up at work the next morning). Research hasn't borne that out--one study showed that over a 30-year period, thundersnow resulted in only light snowfall 52% of the time. Nonetheless, under certain conditions thundersnow storms can produce significant accumulation. Meteorologists hope to get a better handle on those conditions so they can more accurately predict when what looks at first like a small storm might suddenly dump an extra foot or two of snow.

So we are looking at perhaps some significant snow fall in a short time frame. I can most definitely say that Thundersnows are not fun, the snow comes down very hard and very fast with lightening and thunder [hence the name].
Usually they start out as rain/sleet and it turns into snow. The going on our backroads are usually pretty bad.
My only hope is that our new neighbor who is a deputy sheriff gets prioritized by our township plow and that our road gets cleaned out so she can take her squad to work.

Well we'll see tomorrow what comes of this!
Crazy March weather!

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