Friday, March 28, 2008

Thor's day out

Thor meets the camera person, which is ME. Thor has no fear of anything but will obey his momma when she nickers to him.
He is so much fun right now, I just can't stop playing with him!

Today was my first day off work in a long time and we spent it together having a blast. We ran errands together, chored together, and had fun. Hubby is grinning ear to ear and so am I!

I am looking forward to Saturday and giving Badger a haircut and then taking a ride. I will probably even get another mule out and work with her in the round pen.
This change of job and the coming of Spring has had a great effect on me!

I am one happy camper!
The embedded video is from YouTube and is 4:20. You don't have to see it ... but it is kinda cute, it shows how Thor can move.


Niki said...

OH VAL! That's a wonderful movie of Thor. He's so big! What a cutie and Princess is obviously a good mother. Also I'm surprised at how much snow you've lost. Thank you for sharing Thor with us all. He's just wonderful.

Rachel said...

You are SO lucky! What a little angel. I'm envious of all the photo ops you are going to have with him. ;D