Monday, March 10, 2008

Got a Call Today...

The drive in to work today was incredible. A mist was rising from the snow as the March sunlight hit the snow. It was one of those mornings that I could have used up the morning sunlight walking and taking photos.
Ah, but that was not to be.
At lunch time I settled in with two of my textbooks and my coding exam problems and started to work when the phone rang.

It was Human Resources at VMH. I'd talked with Vickie once before and she asked me how my internship was going and I said great, I loved it.
She then asked if I was still interested in the job I'd applied for...which happened to be what I've been doing as an intern...working with Medical Records.

Well of course I am ... I told her. I'd had a wonderful experience so far in my internship and enjoyed the people I'd been working with.
Music to my ever loving ears.
She explained the wages and the need for flexibility on my part. I would have demonstrated how I could become the human pretzel ...but figured I couldn't impress her over the phone.
So tomorrow I'm interviewing for the Med Records job with the clinic. I've got my fingers and toes crossed. The job is fairly physically demanding which had surprised me.
Eventually they will go to electronic records, but I have a feeling that since I've worked all over in this office for the past two weeks, I could be doing more in the future than just records.

Hey, it is a foot in the door ... and for more than what I am paid now!
Who could ask for more?

Oh and because I love a bit of silliness is a short video of Mr. Morris doing his crazy Jack Russell thing:

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Niki said...

Thank you. I needed a good belly laugh.