Sunday, March 02, 2008

Grandkids are uplifting!

I am of the impression that everyone needs to experience grandchildren. They are a must for every single person alive. The joy of a child when you are not responsible for 'raising' them...or the chance at doing it 'right' the second time around is too wonderful.
I see my husband with his grand-babies and realize that something so special has occurred that is so much more powerful than any medicine could be.
The simple love of a grandkid, one that asks nothing but love in return.
These simple photos tell so much of a story.
I was able to sit back and watch this wondrous interaction and take some real joy out of it.

Grandpa Rich is really the highlight of his grand children's lives. We should all be so lucky one day...

[I may add some of my adventures from later today as I am posting on Sunday and hope to get out with Morris to catch some wild snow melt photos!]
Please enjoy and laugh and be uplifted by this...

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Niki said...

How sweet is that?!!? What good grandparents you both are.