Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Walk

Ever take 7 weeks of finals? This is my last 7 weeks of school. Each week we have tests that are a cumulation of what we have learned for our degree.
So today I took a break and took Morris for a walk. Of course you all figured I'd never go without the faithful JRT. Poor Morris, the snow was so mushy, he had to work so hard...then got a bath when we got home...
I think he is in bed now. I must have worn him all out.

Okay back to my walk.
It was gorgeous, then March sun felt so wonderfully warm on my face that I sat on a rock in the creek and just enjoyed it for a long time.
The robins have begun to return...their songs filled the woods, along with the spring song of the chickadee and the cardinals.

While in the creek, I stopped at a place that forms a pond from a little waterfall. This is a place that Morris dislikes, he always growls and gets his hair up on his back. Yep, like he is going to protect me. From what?
I think this is a place where the coyotes from a den nearby come down to drink. I haven't seen them, but have seen their tracks in the snow, and now in the sand and clay bottom of the creek.
Morris, BIG little dog. Of course, he runs back between my legs after growling and barking.
Funny little dog.
Almost brave too.
Oh listen closely you can here the birds singing a beautiful song...

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