Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dogs on the loose

I finally got to meet my new neighbor lady and she is really nice. We went for a walk on Sunday evening [she likes to have someone with her on her walks and I offered]. We found out that we both had so much in common.
We have both been waitresses, both worked in the insurance field, and like the same things. She likes to hike and explore the woods -- of course I offered to take her on some adventures.

She was able to talk to me about her work and I was a good listener. She is a sheriff's deputy and has an interesting career. She is cute, sassy, and says what is on her mind. I like that.
On her evenings off we'll be walking together and I'm looking forward to her going riding with me.

While we were out walking our back country gravel roads, we picked up 4 loose dogs. I have a pet peeve about people in the countryside letting their dogs 'run'. I've been bitten by one dog a few years ago and really dislike a strange dog coming up behind me. Normally of course I am not walking, but riding my mule--who discourages dogs very nicely with a fast kick.
My neighbor disliked the dogs following us too.
Loose dogs are a recipe for disaster when they group up like that.

I've complained to the owners of the dogs a few times with no results. I don't want to make enemies because we are such a close knit community.

Then tonight as I was finishing up my studies, I looked out the window to the 'girls' pasture and watched my new neighbor's dog romp about in their pasture.

Sigh. We told our new friends that their dog was coming down here regularly and J. promised to keep her tied up. It was more out of fear for the dog. If the dog gets in with my young gelding mules, they will attack her.

Big Sigh.

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