Friday, April 18, 2008

Time well wasted

I packed up my cameras, and headed out with Morris, the Brave to take a long awaited hike into the neighbor's valley and do some spring exploring. It has been so long since I've walked on the ground there!

The last time I walked through this valley I was wearing snow shoes!
Now spring has arrived, with such wonders as Skunk Cabbage ... pretty to look at but don't mess with it.

Today and tomorrow will be filled with rain. That is okay, the south hillsides were actually quite dry.
I took the second photo of one of the places that I used to cross this small creek quite often. You can see what last year's flash flood did to it and how the spring 'runoff' has caused erosion.

It never ceases to amaze me, this Mother Nature thing. She is always re-decorating and people....and the DNR are always trying to come up with ways to 'better' her improvements.
I say leave it alone.

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