Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What was I thinking?

Gloomy rainy morning.
Dark, dreary, kind of ugly...

Soon I found myself doing something quite out of character.
Cleaning the House.

The top of the fridge....
Way scary place.
I never look up there so I didn't see the grungy dust Bison gathering in great herds...ready to launch an attack.

The window washing lady never came around, I was hoping someone else would do it...I was hoping the thrashing rain last night would clean them. Alas, I did some windows too.

This includes the vacumming, shaking rugs, washing rugs, and then washing the floors. It is still 'mud' season, but it was getting hard to tell the mud from the rest of the floor.

If I put on my good glasses and looked hard, I could see cobwebs building and multiplying before my very eyes. I took drastic measures. I used a kitchen chair and soapy water, and washed those buggers away.

Never have figured out the allure of dusting. But I did decide to put away every knick knack I could lay a hand on.

I was saved by sunshine...bright beautiful sunshine. And my hubby came in to ask if I was going to clean Peach's stall like I'd promised to yesterday while riding!

Yes! I don't mind cleaning a stall...but the house.

Hmmm, some sort of strange priorities going on here.

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