Thursday, April 24, 2008

Music to my ears

Yesterday I was doing some yard work. Shoveling gravel back onto the driveway--the result of a heavy and long winter where the skid steer had piled huge amounts of snow.

I was so tickled to hear the house wren! Excited enough to get my husband and get him to come and listen also. What pleasure it brought to the both of us.

When I was a kid, my Grandma Lind always talked about the birds and was able to identify any bird by it's song or call. She used to complain that the wren was always 'scolding' her for some reason.
We'd be working in the garden and we'd hear the wren:
Wren Song

And Grandma would look up from her hoeing and smile. *That darned wren, why does she always have to scold me?*

From then on I could never hear a wren without thinking of my Grandmother talking about the fiesty little bird that was always too busy for any pleasure and would scold humans for not working hard enough. Well that was my Grandmother's explanation.

My next favorite bird song is that of the Chickadee. When my older boy was young, he could imitate them perfectly.

Black Cap Chickadee

And lastly my favorite song to hear is the wood thrush. We hear this when we go to Wildcat Mtn State Park and ride. The recording I found doesn't do the thrush justice but we often stop our riding and just sit and listen to them. Their songs are hauntingly beautiful.

Wood Thrush

So on this dreary day of snow in late April...I give you some songs to enjoy. Click on the link to the wood thrush and listen to 46 seconds of gorgeous music.

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