Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Morris's big Adventure

It is fun being a Jack Russell, this I know. I let Morris out when we got to our destination and he found new friends! One was Annie a short legged JRT and two huge friendly Black and Tan coon hounds.
Not to mention the Guinea Hens who scared the crap out of him when he ran towards them, they chattered.
Morris went lickety split in the other direction.
Things Morris enjoyed while on his country retreat.
Wrestling with Annie
Eating Rabbit 'pills' [droppings?]
Dragging a hide of indescribable origins
Playing tug o' war with a scrap of I think it was the leg of a deer?
Running from the Guinea Hens
Running from Donkeys
Running from Annie
Running from a Billy Goat

Yes he is still recovering from his 48 hrs of being a true blue farm dog.
What did he think?
I think he absolutely loved every second of it.
And I think Annie pouted when he had to leave.

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