Saturday, April 19, 2008

Out for a breath of fresh air..

Today turned out remarkably beautiful. The predicted rain didn't really occur. In fact it turned out warm and sunny so that I became very tempted to saddle up Badger and see if I could find the trails I'd marked and cleared. Some of the trails were simply deer paths that I cleaned up a bit.

I took my flip video and thought I'd try it while riding. I only used it on the easy part of the trails as sometimes I have to urge and guide Mr. Mule with both hands when he decides that 'his' way is a better way ... especially while crossing steep ditches.

He did very nicely crossing the water. We had to re-learn some manners while crossing a ditch though.
Mr. Mule can walk nice.

By the time we returned he was sweating around his ears and acting as if I'd taken him on a 100 mile ride.
Naw, he wasn't that tired, but the sun came out and it warmed up quickly. This made Mr. Mule hot in his still shaggy winter coat.
It was lovely!

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Niki said...

Yes, indeed, lovely. Thanks