Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boot Sucking Mud Season

It happens every year. Anyone who owns livestock knows what I'm talking about. Tis the season where the ground that used to be solid becomes a sucking quagmire that even your livestock wishes to avoid in their winter pasture.

When I took Sunshine back out to her pasture I tried to lead her through the gate. I stepped out carefully.
And there I was.
If I lifted my foot, I was going to loose my rubber chore boot in the muck.
I couldn't go forward, I couldn't go back.
And Sunshine stood looking at me as if to inquire as to what my problem was...but she knew because she didn't want to go through it either.

I tugged on her lead rope just a bit and got her to step up to me. There I put my arm over her neck on hung on to her for balance while I worked my stuck foot out of the muck.
She stood quietly. And I thanked the 'mule gods' for giving me such a patient little mule.

I untied her halter and used her to make my way back to solid ground, the muddied water and muck came very close to my boot tops.
[Note to self: get higher chore boots?]

I flicked my hand at Sunshine while I closed the gate and she carefully, daintily made her way through the 'boot sucking mud' and out to dryer ground where she rolled and sighed deeply.

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