Monday, April 21, 2008

Does this saddle make my butt look big?

Sunshine is a mule concerned with her looks. I mean truly she is, her mom Cheyenne was always fussing about which saddle pad would make her 'look' better. So I guess the little red mule may have inherited some of that.

Sunshine did not inherit her mom's tendency to absolutely freak out at things though. Instead she has the tendency to do a half 180 and then stare at the offending 'monster'. This is nice because you aren't trying to evade trees and branches in a heavily wooded area on a bucking bronco.

I had intended on riding solo, or trying it in the woods with Sunshine, but hubby decided he'd come too. He brought Opal, who is 22 years old. Opal was more of an idiot than Sunshine, who had a stellar performance.

Except for the monster mule eating chipmunk that was lurking dangerously inside a downed tree. Sunshine turned and stared. She 'thought' about spooking...she watched the log. The chipmunk squeaked at her.

She snorted.
Then I leaned over and whispered to her:
*This kind of chipmunk only eats mules who's name begins with an 'O'.*

Sunshine sighed and we moved on.

I love it when a ride goes so smoothly.

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