Thursday, April 10, 2008

Days like this...

I rarely answer the phone becuase it is usually for hubby.

Imagine my surprise to get this.
"V, this is J [former boss]. When are you coming in to train the new gal? She needs help."

Me, cautiously: I'm working full time, don't have spare time.


Him: Well you need to come in and help her, you are hurting her by not training her.
(am I supposed to break down and cry now? I've been gone over 2 wks and truly don't have spare time.)

Me: Silence, thinking.

Him: It is not fair to her you are hurting the new gal, so call me. It doesn't bother me a bit but you are hurting her.

Click~end of conversation. Hmm.
Well he hung up on me so I have no impulsive feelings to 'rush' out and have anything to do with him.

Besides, no one trained me either.

Was this a jab at a guilt trip?

My proper response should have been something like this:
"And this affects me how?" Too late to come back with an answer like that.

Now the new girls at work, the two ones that I will be working with have done their best to make me feel welcome. This includes things such as~~~ When I say good morning in cheery way: Blank stares and not a word.

The gal that is training me is tired of them being cold like they were to her. I laugh about it. It takes time and if my two main co-workers are going to be cold as fish, then that is their problem.
I do my job with a smile on my face, the doctors and nurses all smile and are nice to me. Only back in our room is it frigid.

I'm not really too concerned as I rarely make a habit of being chummy with my co-workers.
But a nice good morning goes a long way.
Fact is...I really 'dig' my job. I like it a lot!

Other fact is, management has hinted that they will cross train me too, so I may become a department floater.

My trainer, a young gal I'll call J, was so frustrated.
She asked why in the heck did they beg for help then turn around and treat the new person [me] like I had the plague?
I told her not to worry so much. I was the newby, I'd get blamed for things. I'd worked on and off in office settings for 30 yrs and this was child's play.

So yes I still LOVE my job.
And I still dislike my old job.

Ex boss did not get any points for calling up and using a rude tone of voice.

Oh and BTW!
One more week of school!!!!

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Niki said...

You go girl...after all, you're cool and cheerful is always good. They'll come around. They're just afraid of the newby. They have no idea what a force you are but probably have some suspicions. Keep up the happy face. They world needs it. I LOVE MY JOB TOO! What a wonderful change.