Thursday, February 22, 2024

Time out

Tuesday morning started off with a Colorful Bang...

Things are going along. Everyone gets into a funk every once in a while.

Life happens. I know that.

I've had my head down and have been grinding through. 

I had an opportunity to get out and take a nice long hike with Charlie.

This is how we tackle trails. 10 seconds long....

But we stop a LOT also. This is not a marathon, it is a mind cleansing experience.

Below are cool Roots that cling to the edge of a small bluff.

I thought of Aurora when I saw this tree...

Of course I love to make fun of the trail signs along here. I don't know if you can see it, but there are two little figures on the tree. A horse and rider and then a bicycle. This is a multi use trail.
My interpretation for these upside down signs are that a horse got spooked by a bike and they both ended up in a crash.

Well, I do know that my mules are very suspicious of bicycles but baby strollers are much more menacing. 😁

I digress.

I wanted to see the Ice Cave on Ice Cave Trail. Normally, this ice 'cave' is pretty spectacular with a normal winter.

I was pleased to see that with all the freezing and thawing we'd had, that it did have a bit of ice. But not enough to climb down into it and explore.

For fun, I used my app to see how this lollipop loop actually is from where I parked the car. I picked this particular trail because it is up and down and all around. Plus it is demanding enough that it keeps the mind on the footing and not on the Mind Gibberish.

I left early in the morning so that I could still walk while the trail was still solid and slightly frozen. I didn't want to walk in muck and mud.

I was rather surprised at how dry the trails were. Obviously, we really do need rain.

I brought along my Infrared camera and stopped for several shots. IR is not that great in the winter time, but I still thought I might get something interesting.

Infrared works best with leaves, sky, clouds, and water. Those elements are generally the best ones to photograph with on a bright sunny day.

I found two spots that fit the bill. The first shot is of a long trail along the river bottom with a frozen puddle in the middle of the trail and pines in the distance.

This was shot at bridge 15 towards the pines on the bluff where I love to go and watch the river go by me 80 feet below.

If the stars, skies, times, and everything else lines up. I'm going to visit those bluffs this weekend.

The weather today is insane. I cannot recall a February where the temps reached 60!

I'm heading outside!


  1. Anonymous5:51 PM

    A big wow! Those photos are gorgeous. I can see how getting out and hiking is able to cleanse your mind. So glad you have Charlie keeping you company and sorry you've been having some frustrating times. Lori

    1. Yes, getting some fresh air from the woods is always helpful!

  2. I'm glad you had a chance to go out and clear out some funk! As usual, the photos are lovely. It has been a crazy winter (are we calling it winter?). Tomorrow we may have another school fog delay. It was almost 70 degrees yesterday and rained all day today as the temp went down. By down I mean in the thirties. My facebook memories is full of drifts and mountains of snow and ice and winter weather warnings. We got off easy last year and this year has shaped up the same way.

    1. Yes, mine too! Blizzards and Ice Storms are the norm for this time of the month.
      Neighbors are tapping sap from the maples right now! That is almost unheard of.

  3. You took beautiful IR photos on your hike-a-bout!

    What a unique face you found! I hope it made you smile. I did and wasn't even there. Who knew there were Baboons at KVR?! I would have looked behind me to make sure it didn't get off that tree ;))

    As for the weather, I've found two ticks already and my Spring bulbs are up. I am enjoying the unseasonal warmth, but worry what it means for the environment. Back-to-back drought years would be awful...

    1. No ticks here yet, but I imagine they are out and about. I spray my pants with flea and tick spray in the spring.
      Laughing. I knew you'd see an animal! I just wasn't sure what it would be!

      Nothing is coming up here yet, but we are headed back to cold again on Tuesday?

  4. This hasn't been winter for us. It's unsettling. I really like that last photo. I like them all, but the last is my favorite.

  5. Thank you very much, beautiful hiking trail you have... it's relaxing to walk through nature and take in the atmosphere.
    You took two great photos with the camera... it's wonderful how this blue sky is reflected in the puddle and what exciting colors the pine trees shine in. And the second photo looks like pure winter to me.
    This winter we had 7 days of snow for skiing and four days of snow for the first Advent. Otherwise it's a lot of gray on gray - but the sun should come out tomorrow... and that gives us hope and a good mood.
    Kind regards from Viola

    1. Thank you! This reserve has 69+ miles of hiking so there is always something to see.
      Gray on Gray is hard. Sunshine is always uplifting.

  6. Nothing like a quality wilderness experience to lift the soul.
    I could use one, I'm kinda crabby today. Must have something to do with the full moon.

    1. Hah Hah! I get it crabby is a thing. I generally get over that but sometimes it takes effort.

  7. Anonymous10:59 PM

    LD.....Your photos are such successful expressions. Your journey outside is a good thing and that little fellow has to make you smile. I go into funks but I do think that I have something physically going wrong but can't explain it.

    1. Fresh air and photography help keep me focused on all the good things in life. Charlie also! Funks are tough, but it can be from generally passes.


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