Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lots of thoughts, little time!

I think I am in a state of discombobulation. I have scattered thoughts, no surprise.
I'm thinking about life, priorities, and all those things that come with those thoughts.

I like order. My house is in dis-ORDER. Which means I am in disorder too. I am getting anxious to start to live normally again.
To not live out of buckets and tubs with lids.

So this project is sort of front and center in my mind and life at the moment.
I do have these incredible mornings to ease that discombobulation!

 Merry Meadow at Dawn
Moments later while having coffee on the porch

I wondered what would happen if I turned the camera west and took a shot with the Infrared Filter on.

I was pleasantly surprised.
I edited this with the Orton Method as it was pretty grainy.
The IR brought out a very surreal shot from what was actually there.

Here is the shot in color ... no filter.
It isn't a perfect match, but you get the idea.

Wild isn't it?

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