Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some days it is just the air I breath

That makes it all so worth while.

I took a very short walk and was sort of sad to find that so much snow had slowly melted into the ground.

Tracking by the creek revealed activity by some raccoon, and some deer, but that was about it.

I just sat for a while by these rocks that I like so much and listened to the cardinal and the chickadees sing.

Today I'm looking forward to more work on some of the beautiful 'bones' in my collection.

I revamped an old shed and it looks like an exotic piece of driftwood from the light antique stain I used on it.
Now I'm going to polish it a bit and see what it looks like.

I'll have to photo another one that is grey and weathered to compare what I've done.  I didn't think to do a before and 'after' shot.

I may even walk out again through the forest looking for more antler sheds.  It is a nice way to get exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

Yesterday afternoon was quite warm and I spent most of it just taking it all in.

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