Friday, November 25, 2005

The day after Thanksgiving...

Card picture...
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Today I am working on calendars and xmas cards in photoshop. This was taken last year with my elderly 35mm camera.
Today I am enjoying some quiet time to myself. Yesterday I had to 'play' nicey nicey and listen to my husband's know-it-all sister as she prattled on about her expertise in just about everything.

If you need to know, just ask her. After all she watches Oprah...and is considering getting all of Oprah's past shows!
Golly, then I can get advice any time I need it!

SIL was questioning my reasoning for going back to Tech School. She also let me know that NO ONE EVER has an injury worse than herself or her husband.

[Torn rotator cuff for me...but just ask her husband is sooo much worse off!]

So I am listening to music and watching the snow fall gently and silently ...

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