Monday, October 10, 2005

Ride like the wind!

Why would anyone camp in 30° weather, get up a 4AM, see a strange vet in the dark, saddle up before dawn with frost on your nose...

pay $45 bucks to ride a trail that your state pass already allows you to ride on...

and ride 30 miles hard in rough terrain...
to receive a bucket and a ribbon.

Oh man the thrill of Endurance Riding is addictive. The best part about it was a gorgeous trail and crossing the finish line in last place--and having the whole crew of riders and staff applaud!

My riding buddy and I vet checked through all stages with my mule and her Arab in wonderful and sound shape.

We completed the ride.

To Finish is to Win.

And I have a $45 bucket to proove it.


  1. You go girl! So glad that you had fun.

  2. Thanks Liz!!!! It was awesome beyond words.


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