Friday, July 31, 2020

Oh the Mask Thing!

This photo was taken last February during one 
of those wicked cold spells. 
I was going for a walk. 
I did not have trouble breathing, 
I did not have any issues at all.

Let's begin with the news ...

The Mask Mandate has been issued by our Wisconsin Governor. 

It didn't take very long before Facebook locals began copying and pasting anti mask movement memes and snippets.

My question is, IF you are so against protecting others and have reasons, don't use a meme, don't copy and past.
Write it out in words, make others understand how hard it is to wear a your not wearing one makes sense. 
I want to know.

Is it hard to breathe if you have asthma? Rich has severe COPD. He wears a mask, he has gotten used to it after those first times of wearing it and feeling uncomfortable.
And guess what?
He can even fit a nose cannula under it! Yup.
But perhaps there is a good reason and I am all for that.
If a person is so health compromised that they cannot wear a mask, what can we do instead?
Wear a bandanna?

My Grandson visiting on 4th of July
the bandanna enables him to
chat and even
look like a little villan!

Is it against your religion? 
Is it against your morals?
Is it too difficult to remember to wear one?

What rights are being infringed upon?

are people retaliating against someone telling us what to do?

But wait. Here is another issue being tossed around. 
This virus is a hoax. Only a few people die from it.

And you know what? 
My answer to that is simple.

I guess it doesn't matter unless you or someone close to you dies from Covid-19.
Or gets very ill.

I can remember the time when I went somewhere and a friend would tell me that they couldn't meet up with me because they had a cold and didn't want to spread it.

Yup. Remember when we were considerate to each other?

This mask thing? It is no different.
Because truly each person walking around near another does not necessarily know if they have this virus.

I'm not going to yell or try to shame people into wearing a mask, or following a mandate.
But I am going to follow all reasonable steps to try and keep Covid-19 out of our house.

The other night I awakened with a heart pounding start.
What would my life feel like without my husband?
What happens if I die from this? Who takes care of him?
The animals?

And then as I watched the sun rise this morning and thought about life and death...I realized that when I die, how I will only be a blip on the tiny radar of life.

I think I'll put a mask on and do my shopping for the next two weeks. 

This winter could be long.


  1. That's really all we can do - put our masks on and do what needs doing. The few times I am out and about and see someone without a mask I try to remember what our mayor said - assume they have a valid reason for not wearing one. But you can bet that I social distance from them times two. :) It will be a long winter. I also try to remember that much of the stuff on facebook is put there by bots and not real people, but I have also unfollowed almost everybody. I am having a hard enough time dealing without allowing any additional negativity into my life. Smart idea, watch the sun rise and carry on the best you can each and every day. :)

  2. The mask idiots are out in full force here too...what is the big deal...I don't get it. A friend whose husband died of Covid put up a really good said ok don't wear as mask...we don't have to follow recommendations for cooking your food, your server can touch your food, she may or may not have washed her hands after going to the bathroom...we can't force her to do so...

    My husband is probably someone who should not wear a mask with lung function of 21 %...but he does...he wouldn't dream of going in the clinic without his is the only place he goes.
    I don't even go in at the clinic...why risk it?
    Some of the idiots out there are going to lose loved ones...someone at a Stampede Rodeo type thing was positive for Covid up in Grand Rapids MN so thousands were exposed.
    Every time you go out you are at risk.
    I know it will be a long winter...we just have to support each other and keep on keeping on.
    Stay safe and cool!

    1. I saw a new arguement today and don't even know if it is valid. It claims that kids will be snatched more that everyone is wearing masks...or that crime will escalate. All sorts of reasons.
      However, I suggest to those who defy wearing masks to please tell the surgeon/nurses/ who may have to do surgery, it is okay not to wear a mask during a medical procedure.
      Safety. I'd like to think humans have enough compassion to care for each other.