Saturday, August 01, 2020

Lighten Up

This bear looked how I felt

In some ways this has been a real rough week. 
What a start though! Fantastic mornings, runs, glorious rides, and bicycling along with the usual mundane but necessary things.

My house became spotless.
Ever Anger-Clean? Or Stress-Clean?
I did that! Charlie hid on the porch and tried to bury himself under the rugs and blankets I tossed outside to hang in the sun.

The smell of vinegar and furniture spray permeated the living room.

I'm a CareGiver. Some days my giving takes its toll in trying to make another person understand things.
Sometimes I am met with an attitude of a 3 year old.

It goes with the territory.
Up and down.

I got frustrated. And sometimes when I get frustrated and don't have a way to release it. Well.
I keep it quiet because yelling and throwing things don't really work.

I shrug. 

Finally I finished my daily chores and skipped my work out. It didn't suit me to do it.

I attached Charlie's collar to him and we skipped out the door. I jammed some toy Dinosaur skeletons in my bag that I'd ordered. My intent is to share the bag of dinosaurs with my Grandson. I get to play with them first.
I almost left them behind because I was still in that bad place.

I got the 90 questions. Where are you going? When will you be back? What's for supper? What do you have in your bag? Are you taking Charlie? Does he have his collar? I can't find anything to watch. Do you have your phone?
Where ARE you going? Why?...

I stomped ahead and got through the first pasture gate before I felt like I could suddenly breath again. Charlie trotted ahead of me while I monkeyed around with my old Olympus Camera. Parts of it are having a slow death. Aperture and Shutter keep flicking back and forth as if the tiny computer chip inside can't figure out where it wants to be. I can only use it on Program or Manual. 

Now the LCD monitor is having its fits. Sometimes it is so dull I can't see to use it. I switch to the EVF and everything looks great. However, I rather like using the monitor, especially while doing low to the ground shots. 
I give it this...the camera is a 2012 model. It has put up with my extreme abuse for 8 years.

I finally got the EVF to work properly and then just stuck it back in the bag. I wasn't going to mess with it much. 
I'd brought the little Red Tough Camera.

When I reached our destination: The Creek, my phone gave off an alarm letting me know I was literally in a Dead Zone.


Charlie and I wandered up to our favorite spot and I sat down on a rock.

The water rolled over the rocks and we were in a deep green lush forest.
And like magic, I felt this dark cloud leaving my body.

Charlie hung around while I set things up and explored a bit.

I took these with my cell phone so I could send them to my youngest son and Buddy.

Then I just couldn't resist.

They are fun little toys. 

I can't name what sort of dinosaurs they are supposed to be, but as I set them up in different places I chuckled a bit.

I sat near the stream and watched Charlie wander around checking out all of the smells.
He'd stop and look over at me then continue investigating scents.

I knelt down and studied some moss on a rock.

Moss is neat. So tiny and unassuming. Yet when looked at closely the mosses are different.

The color is pretty neat too. When all else fades, the moss keeps its green colors.

When I got home I felt very relaxed. I'd found some odd fungi along with some Indian Pipes.

I was doing better.

I had an inspiration for a project while sitting on a mossy rock...
more later...

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