Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love living rural.

I don't mind having to commute to work [well I do on stormy winter nights, or when gas is outrageously high].

I usually see something interesting going either way.
Last night it was Cows on the loose on a county road I took going home.

The little red and white fella was happily bouncing around ...running and kicking his heels up while the other one was making her plans for escape.
I pulled over to the shoulder and grabbed my camera.

[another reason to always have one with you!!!]

The little 'fella' proceeded to bounce around and kick up his heels. He finally settled down across from me and decided that the green stuff in the ditch was good.

On my way home I smelled ode de skunk

ode de fresh manure

ode de freshly turned soil...

and it was nice.

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