Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 3 er night 3

Night 3 of sipping coffee and checking the weather so I will know what to wear [as in long johns or not?] to work.

I slept all day and am wide awake now. So this is how it feels to be a 'night' owl. I'm happy that I don't do this as a regular schedule.

[Would I become pale and pasty from never seeing daylight...??? ;-) Would I grow fangs and sleep hanging from the barn rafters?
Although it would be convenient to grow bat wings and just fly to work...save gas $]

I feel like I am missing so much. Though today it was cloudy, cold, windy, and not very nice outside...so I didn't feel the grand urge to drag my body outside to do things.

Of course my next shift is a day shift.
Talk about having to flip around!

I do miss my walks and rides in the woods right at the moment. I can't wait to 'rotate' to the next schedule to I can have some time to see the spring flowers blossoming.

Oh,...and I have to get some more miles in for my 5k race in July. I was told by my oldest son that I better get hoppin'...he didn't want me coming in LAST in the 'old folks' division.

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