Saturday, April 18, 2009

Riding Photography

First you need a camera that you can 'part with' some day. What do I mean? Well if you are riding an equine you are already aware that at some point you and your equine may part ways suddenly. Dropping an expensive camera or having it tromped on is not a nice option.

You don't want to be carrying a Nikon D80 perhaps with a
300mm zoom lens. It is bulky and can get in the way [unless it is in a back pack?]. I like the convenience of grabbing my pocket camera out of my cargo pants or shirt pocket.

A weather proof one is an excellent choice.

True, a pocket camera has many limitations. But it is really meant for hiking, biking, taking places that you wouldn't want to lug a larger camera. Right?

And, you can take fantastic photos.

I have the Pentax Optio W60.
It is weather proof, water proof [I have dunked it in the stream and taken pictures underwater with it][underwater photo]

I have dropped it from the top of my mule.
I have dunked it in freezing waters.

It keeps on working.
Plus it takes decent video rather easily.

It has a fantastic super macro option.

Landscapes aren't the best with it, but I can get by.

And if I get caught in a rainstorm...heck I can just pull it out and take photos!

As for the mule part.
Mr. Mule should be laid back, patient, a bit lazy, and happy to stand by and watch you take photos.

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