Sunday, April 26, 2009


Everyone has one.

Yesterday the phone rang as I was getting ready to step into the shower to clean up for my night shift.

It was my Mother in Law's friend calling to tell me that my MIL had fallen and was in the ER. It seemed she had dislocated her shoulder.

She'd done it quite early in the day and had spent most of the day in the ER getting x-rays and getting checked out as she'd also gotten quite banged up in the process.

I jumped into my uniform and dashed to the ER to see her.
[She's doing okay, but it may be a 'bit' of a recovery.]

As they were getting ready to transfer her to a room for overnight observation, I headed off to work.

Of course that got me to thinking about Moms.
As I drove through the lightening and heavy downpours ... through the deep and beautiful valleys...I let my mind wander a bit.

Mom. I do miss mine and wonder about her quite a bit. How is she doing?

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Rachel said...

Strange relationships we have with our own mothers, huh? I know you must miss yours and I know it must leave a void. *hugs* I mostly feel sorry for her though--it's a shame she doesn't know what an amazing daughter she has in you.