Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's a tough job...

Being a Jack Russell these days just isn't easy. I'm expected to do all sorts of really tough things.

Keeping my toys in order is a huge challenge. Sometimes I just can't decide on which toy I really want to play with. My choices are many and I love just spreading them all over the living room floor.

Of course the man fella of the house doesn't always appreciate this and tells me that I need to pick up my toys.
Come on....I mean really...

My other duties generally include.
Holding down the couch. [You never know when a couch might get up and move!]

Barking when let out at night...and I realize that the vehicles have not been parked in their proper places.

Modeling. I do all sorts of stupid things for Val when she has her camera out. Of course, I will model for dog cookies.

Then there is the most important duty of my day.
Get Val up in the morning and nag, nag, nag, until she gets up...lets me out ... and feeds me.

Being ever so grateful, I eat. Make sure she is awake, then run back upstairs and claim the warm spot in the bed and go back to sleep.

It is a tough job, but somebody has got to do it......whoops, gotta go ... the heater's blower just turned on and ... by golly someone has to lay in front of it and soak up the warmth....
have a good day!
[I hope to go out and find something that will make Val go 'Icky Yucky' today!]

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