Monday, March 09, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

Ask me and I cannot tell you....really.

I worked midnight to 8AM on Saturday.
I think I slept most of Saturday away.

Sunday we got up early or on time or whatever it was and headed to JC to see the kids and the grand kids!

The roads started getting ugly by the time we had gone 10 miles. But we drove out of the freezing rain and headed into downpours.
We arrived in JC safely ~~where the entertainment began.....Thankfully we brought Morris because the roads were too bad for us to go back home. So we enjoyed a full day of entertainment.
Good fun, good fun, and tired parents, grand kids, and grand parents.

I took a 'wonderful' photo of my 'daughter' and I pretty much promised her I wouldn't post it on the internet.
I may have to hold this photo as ransom for more of those good cookies she made.

Those 'disappearing cookies'.....YUM


christyzee said...

very beautiful blog and photos!

Val said...

Thank you!

Bronco Hollow said...

Yummy...someone say cookies??? I'm IN!