Monday, March 16, 2009

Ice Falls

I decided on a spring hike to the 'back valley' yesterday. By the time I reached the first valley, I'd taken off my headband [ear warmers] and hung a sweatshirt on a branch. I'd come back that way and pick it up.

Once down in the valley, I took a break. I hiked with my 'gift' from my husband. A Rossi Trifecta Youth rifle, that has 3 barrels you can swap out.
A .22LR, .223, and a .410.

I spent the morning practicing with each barrel and decided to take the .410.

I intended to hike the 'back valley's' length and see if I could get through the mess left by the flash flooding last spring. [Here I saw trout!!!]

It was a pretty tough hike and yep, I got wet. Between crossing the creek-stream and the melting snow my boots eventually got damp.

The scenery, although rather 'brown' was beautiful.

The prize awaited me midway up a very steep hill.

The 'ice cave'.

The photo of course doesn't do it justice. But I spent a long time in the valley and then at the ice falls before heading home.

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