Thursday, March 12, 2009


Normally you wouldn't think of an old Chevy Cavalier as a 'muddin' mobile. Over the weekend we had rain, snow, ice and warm temps.

The frost went out of the driveway or 'dooryard' [in Wisconsin country terms] and left the Cavalier's front end sunk in mud.

Slimy mud, bottomless mud...

Mud so bad that the tires just went forward or backward when I tried to leave for work very very early in the morning.
I ended up abandoning the Cav and taking the big hulking maroon diesel truck.
Four wheel drive was my only option.

While I was at work hubby got the Cav out of it's mudhole.
I guess there was a lot of spinnin' and mud flinging going on.

Leave to a guy to love a challenge like that and 'use up a quarter tank of gas and a half hour' worth of spinning and muddin' just to get the car moved.

Iwould have simply hooked onto the darn thing with a tractor and moved it.
But hey...
I'm a gal right?
...with no common sense?

I'm going to park it on the ridge for the next few days so when the temps rise again....

well, I won't have to go 'muddin'.

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