Monday, March 23, 2009


Well a quick update is warranted here.

Hubby may be coming home from the VA today after they run some tests to see that he can maintain his oxygen levels while active. ... and an echocardiogram to make sure that this last episode did no damage to his heart.

He was taken off O2 yesterday and felt good enough to get showered and have a picnic with his 'kids' and grand kids.

---these are important cures...children...----

I am on an 11 hr duty and probably won't be able to get a replacement so that I can go to Mad City and pick up my husband.

My sweet daughter has volunteered to make the long trek.

Bottom line is he is doing much better. COPD has not gone away though. It is now an ugly fact that will stick with us, but at least we hopefully will be better informed and better prepared to deal with it as the disease progresses.

When he has recovered some more, they will be running more tests [of course!].

I am a very lucky woman to have this fellow in my life you know.
I just love the knuckle~head.

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