Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good People...

Well here they are the first little blossoms of spring.
This morning I woke up to 4" of snow covering the yard and woods.
According to the weather forecast, it should melt off today.

Things have been quiet around here as we both take time to recover from spring colds.
I need to take a moment and say something about my neighbors.

They are all wonderful people. Rural folk are pretty special. While hubby was in the hospital, one neighbor came over and fed out round bales of hay for me while I was either at work or visiting hubby.
She just did it because it is the neighborly thing to do.

Another heard about our situation and offered to bring over some round bales from his fact we had two offers.
Another called to see if they could do chores for me.

Some other neighbors heard through the grapevine and thought we could use some home cooking.
We had some of the most delicious food delivered to our doorstep.

This is the heart and soul of a real rural neighborhood. We all pull for each other without keeping tabs, or using the 'we owe them one' mentality. It doesn't exist here. It simply is.

If one person on our ridge [or within the community] needs help. Everyone pitches in without thinking about personal gain.

We call it 'Good People'.

And we sure have them here in Folsom.

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