Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I heard this term last night and thought it was a hoot. It describes some workplace women to a 'T'.

It was explained to me that 2 alpha women would work together and pretend to be best of friends while at the same time be watching each other as enemies would.

So I looked the definition up and came across this site:
Urban Dictionary

which offered this definition:
A type of relationship whereby parties are silently resentful of and competitive with one another, but who behave superficially as though they are best friends.

The friendship develops because it suits their mutual interests, but parties involved would stab each other in the back in a tachycardic heartbeat if it suited them.

Common in the relationally aggressive female world, particularly where competition for men or careers/academics are involved.

My point?
I haven't a clue, I just thought this was an interesting term.

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Bronco Hollow said...

Oh Yea. Run with fox and hunt with the hounds.