Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Danger in the Ravine

I have to begin by stating that my JRT, Morris, is simply the bravest soul I've ever come across.
[cough, cough...]

I'd gone down through this ravine of boulders to explore and look for interesting things. Morris of course the avid explorer went on ahead of me.
I was impressed by his pose on the large mossy rock, so I paused to take his photo.

I knelt down to take a closer look at the water running over the 'shelf rock' and was trying to figure out if I could actually get a shot of it...when suddenly I heard the most awful...


I glanced up to see Morris tumbling down backwards from near the top of the ravine...dirt and rocks bounced along with him,
his growls turned into a yelp as he landed. Dirt and debri landed around him.

I jumped up and picked my way towards him, ready to grab onto my pistol in case he had just been attacked by a coyote.

Morris came to me shivering and literally tried to climb up my leg and into my arms.

He was shaking but seemed okay.

I stood and looked up the steep wall of clay, rock, and dirt. I could see nothing. No lurking predators, no danger.

I stood for a few long minutes with a shivering, shaking JRT latched onto my leg. Soon the answer became apparent.
Mr. Morris had tried to climb up the wall. Since the ground was so saturated from the snow melt, everything was loose, and the ravine wall...

...'let go' and tumbled to the bottom with Morris.

Silly dog.
As I stood there, another rock just let go and tumbled to the bottom.

Morris turned and growled, and then renewed his efforts to climb into my arms.

Such valor, courage, and fearlessness.

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