Sunday, March 01, 2009

In the Land of the Rocks

Morris and I took a roaming walk today. Except for 'the land of the rocks', we were in compacted snow and ice.

It was some of the most treacherous footing I've ever encountered in the woods. We stopped on this hillside that looked as though some giant had simply tossed some rocks into the forest at random.

We ... I should say 'I' rested, while Morris ran skidding and sliding in delight across the frozen ground and icy snow pack. He had his nose to the ground and in the air looking for delightful smells. [and yummy deer pellets...yuck]

We startled a deer that was nesting in some downed tree tops. We watched as the deer scrambled for footing as it bounded away.

The wind was cold on my face and so refreshing. I sat listening to the sounds it made in the tree branches above and was simply~~~

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